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Dec 7, 2012 10:00pm PST
words flash cards that are high frequently. michelle thomas. if you do these things, you're ahead of 90% of the people out there. frequency is not in the obvious order. one of my friends josh, a brilliant guy. he was the basis for "searching for bobby fischer." his first taught him not with openers, which everyone does. he started with the end game. he said we're going to have a king and a pawn versus a pawn and i'll teach you the board. you'll have your whole life to memorize openings. and deconstruction frequency and then stakes. not steaks flipping on a grill but stakes. you carry the carrot of the stakes so you sudden. he gave a letter and said if i don't lose 30 pounds i want to you mail this off. you don't have to make it that aggressive but you can go to that allows money to be given from your account to a program that you don't like if you don't succeed. >> gavin: how long did it take you to write. >> with a it took two years of research and writer but it's been the 20 years to decipher this process. there has been well, it works for language but it doesn't wo
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1